Schoch Family Farmstead: Discovering a Sustainable Future

For generations, the Schoch family has been dedicated to providing their community with fresh and organic produce through their Pennsylvania-based farmstead. The sustainability of the Schoch Family Farmstead is rooted in its commitment to environmentalism and ecological farming practices. Through this post, we’ll take a look at the history of the Schoch Family Farmstead, the journey towards sustainability, and what can be learned from their efforts.

History of Schoch Family Farmstead

The Schoch Family first moved to Pennsylvania in 1893 and began building up their homestead shortly thereafter. For over 120 years, they have remained committed to the sustainable use of resources for production of food, fiber, fuel and other products on their land. Throughout the years, their dedication to sustainable practices has evolved and strengthened. They are now part of a larger movement towards a greener and more resilient future.

The Journey Towards Sustainability

When the Schochs first arrived in Pennsylvania, they implemented traditional agricultural techniques such as crop rotation and planting cover crops. Over time, they continued to adopt new technologies that allowed them to increase efficiency while maintaining an ecologically conscious approach to farming. In recent years, they have made significant strides towards becoming a completely sustainable farmstead. This includes transitioning to renewable energy sources, investing in solar panel arrays and geothermal heating systems, and utilizing permaculture principles to enhance soil health and fertility.

Schoch Family Farmstead

Organic Agriculture Practices Used at the Farmstead

Organic agriculture is at the core of the Schochs’ philosophy and operations. All of their fruits and vegetables are grown using certified organic methods, meaning no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used. Additionally, they utilize composting and vermiculture to reduce waste and improve soil quality. By emphasizing natural pest management strategies such as releasing beneficial insects, they strive to keep their farm ecosystem in balance without relying on chemical inputs.

Challenges Faced by the Schoch Family in Pursuing Sustainability

As with any ambitious endeavor, the Schochs face numerous challenges along the way. One issue is the cost associated with transitioning to more sustainable farming practices. Despite these costs, however, they remain determined to find solutions that will enable them to continue producing healthy, high-quality foods in an environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, they must grapple with unpredictable weather patterns caused by climate change which can significantly affect harvests. However, despite all of these obstacles, the Schochs remain optimistic about their long-term prospects.

The Community Built Around Schoch Family Farmstead

Beyond their commitment to sustainability, the Schochs understand the importance of building strong relationships within their local community. To this end, they offer educational tours of their farm so visitors can learn firsthand about sustainable agriculture practices and gain an understanding of how important it is to support local farmers. Additionally, they host events throughout the year where families can come together for a fun day out filled with activities such as hayrides and picking strawberries from the field.

Solutions Offered by Schoch Family Farmstead to Achieve Sustainability Goals

The Schochs believe that sustainability starts with knowledge and education. As part of their mission, they provide a range of resources aimed at helping individuals develop an understanding of the complexities involved in creating a sustainable future. These include classes on topics such as water conservation, regenerative agriculture, and composting. Additionally, they provide hands-on experience through internships and volunteer programs that give people direct exposure to sustainable farming practices.

What Can We Learn From the Schoch Family?

Through their dedication to sustainability, the Schochs have shown us that even small steps can make a big difference when it comes to preserving our environment for future generations. By making changes both large and small – such as transitioning to renewable energy sources or reducing chemical inputs – we can all help create a healthier world for ourselves and our children. Additionally, they have demonstrated the value of forging meaningful connections within our communities through educational initiatives and engaging events designed to bring people together around shared values.

Future Plans for the Schoch Family Farmstead

Looking ahead, the Schochs are focused on continuing their work towards total sustainability. They plan to expand their usage of renewable energy sources, further invest in composting infrastructure, and pursue additional certification for organic farming practices. Additionally, they intend to further build on their relationship with their local community by hosting more educational workshops and family-friendly events.


The Schoch Family Farmstead stands as an example of how innovative thinking combined with hard work can lead to real progress towards achieving sustainability goals. By embracing organic agriculture practices, investing in renewable energy sources, connecting with their local community through outreach programs, and striving towards certifications that recognize their efforts, they have created an inspiring blueprint for others looking to pursue similar objectives.

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