Outdoor Fly Repellent: Natural Solutions to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are one of the most annoying pests around, and dealing with them can be a difficult task. Whether you’re trying to keep them away from your outdoor space or keep them out of your home, there are many different methods for repelling flies. In this article we will discuss various options for how to get rid of flies both indoors and outdoors using natural solutions such as essential oils, plants, and homemade fly traps. We’ll also look at store-bought products, preventative measures, and more.

outdoor fly repellent

Overview of Outdoor Fly Repellent Options

When it comes to keeping flies away from your outdoor area, there are several different strategies you can use. Some involve commercial products while others rely on natural means like plants, herbs, and essential oils. Depending on what kind of area you’re working with (patio, backyard, garden), some may work better than others. It’s important to find an effective solution that fits your particular needs and budget.

Store-Bought Products

There are many store-bought products available specifically designed to repel flies from outdoor areas. These products often contain chemicals that act as insecticides and kill the flies, but they can also be dangerous for humans if used improperly. Make sure to read all instructions carefully before using any chemical product, and take caution when applying these products in areas where children and pets may come into contact with them.

DIY Sprays Using Essential Oils and Herbs

One popular option is to make DIY sprays using essential oils and herbs that have been known to deter flies. These include peppermint oil, lavender oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, basil oil, cayenne pepper, and garlic cloves. Simply mix a few drops of one or two of these oils into water and spray directly onto surfaces or foliage near the area where you want to repel flies. You can also create room sprays by combining any of these oils with witch hazel or vodka in a spray bottle.

Plants That Act As Natural Fly Repellents

Certain types of plants have been found to help repel flies due to their fragrant smells. Lavender, marigold, catnip, mint, basil, sage, and rosemary are all great options for planting around your outdoor area as natural fly deterrents. Not only do these plants provide beautiful color and texture to your landscape design, they’ll also work hard to keep those pesky bugs away!

Making a Homemade Fly Trap

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to trap flies without having to resort to chemical sprays or plants, consider making your own fly trap. To make a simple trap, fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and add a drop of dish soap. The mixture will attract flies who become stuck once they land in the liquid. Alternatively, you could purchase an off-the-shelf fly trap which is easy to set up and maintain over time.

Preventing Flies from Coming Indoors

It’s important to remember that preventing flies from entering your home is key to keeping them away from your outdoor living spaces in the first place. Make sure that all doors and windows are closed tightly and screens are in good condition so that no bugs can get through. Seal cracks and crevices around window frames and door frames with caulk or foam insulation strips to further deter insects from coming inside.

Using Candles and Incense Sticks For Repellency

Another natural method for keeping flies away from your outdoor area is to burn candles or incense sticks scented with essential oils like lavender, lemon grass, eucalyptus, or peppermint. These strong aromas are known to naturally repel certain flying pests including mosquitoes and houseflies. Be sure to place the candles far enough away from any flammable items and always practice fire safety precautions when lighting them.

Citrus Peels and Garlic Cloves

Citrus peels and garlic cloves can also be used as natural fly repellents in outdoor areas. Place slices of citrus fruits like oranges or limes near entryways or other areas frequented by flies. Garlic cloves placed around outdoor seating areas can also help to keep those bugs away!

Bat Houses And Predator Birds For Pest Control

In addition to DIY methods for keeping flies away from your outdoor living space, there are also larger scale pest control options available such as bat houses or predator birds like owls or hawks that can patrol the area to hunt down insects like flies. While bats tend to stay away during daylight hours, they can still help reduce the population of flying pests at night time.


No one wants flies buzzing around their outdoor living spaces, so finding an effective way to repel them is essential. From natural remedies like essential oils, herbs, plants, and homemade traps to store-bought products and large-scale pest control options like bats and birds – there are many different strategies available for getting rid of flies outdoors. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information on the different ways you can protect your yard or patio from irritating flying pests.

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