How Long Are Goats Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know

Goat breeding is an important part of goat farming. As such, it’s essential that farmers know how long goats are pregnant and understand the different stages they go through in the process. Understanding these things can help them prepare for birthing season and ensure their herd remains healthy.


Goats, like all mammals, have a gestation period during which they carry their offspring until it is ready to be born. The length of this period varies depending on breed, but most often falls between 145-155 days. Knowing exactly when your goats will give birth can be difficult as female goats show few signs of being pregnant; however, there are some cues you can look out for.

Gestation Periods

Generally speaking, goats take around five months (145-155 days) to gestate and produce kids. Some larger breeds, such as the Boer or Pygmy, may take slightly longer. A reliable way to tell if a goat is pregnant is to get her checked by a veterinarian using ultrasound technology.

Signs of Pregnancy

Female goats typically don’t display any visible changes in behaviour when they become pregnant. However, keep an eye out for subtle changes such as decreased appetite, general sluggishness and weight gain. Another indication could be that she stops going into heat – though this isn’t always the case with smaller breeds.

how long are goats pregnant

Preparing for Birthing Season

Once you’ve identified which goats are pregnant, it’s time to start preparing for birthing season. Make sure to provide extra feed and hay, as well as access to plenty of fresh water. If possible, isolate pregnant goats from the rest of the herd in order to reduce stress levels during labor. In addition, make sure the area where the goat will give birth is clean and free from drafts.


By understanding how long goats are pregnant and taking necessary steps to prepare for birthing season, you can ensure your herd has a successful breeding season. Additionally, knowing the signs of pregnancy helps farmers identify whether their animals are carrying young or not. With proper care and attention, both goats and kids should remain safe and healthy throughout the mating and birthing process.

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