Floral Claw Clips: The Perfect Hair Accessory

Floral claw clips are a type of hair accessory made up of a metal bar with teeth or “claws” at one end. This bar is then decorated with colorful flowers, ribbons, bows, beads, and other decorations. The claws attach securely to your hair, holding it in place while making an eye-catching fashion statement.

Types of Floral Claw Clips

When it comes to floral claw clips, there are many styles and varieties to choose from. You can find ones made from plastic, wood, metal, or even fabric. Some have intricate details like gemstones, feathers, rhinestones, pearls, etc., while others are simple and plain. Whatever type you choose, you can be sure it will add a unique touch to your look.

Styles for Different Occasions

Whether you’re going for a casual day out or dressing up for a special occasion, floral claw clips can help complete your look. For a chic and modern look, opt for minimalist floral clip designs such as geometric shapes and subtle pastel colors. If you’re looking for something more glamorous and sophisticated, go for larger blooms in bright hues and metallic finishes.

Tips for Styling Hair with Floral Claw Clips

The great thing about floral claw clips is that they can be used to create various looks. Here are some tips to keep in mind when styling your hair with these accessories:

  • Choose clips that complement your hairstyle – if you have short hair, opt for smaller clips; if you have long hair, try out bigger and bolder designs.
  • Experiment with placement – the beauty of floral claw clips is that you can wear them in different places on your head (e.g., on the side, near the front). Try out different placements until you find the most flattering position.
  • Go big – don’t be afraid to use multiple large clips to make a statement. They can instantly transform a dull look into something more exciting and eye-catching.

How to Make a Statement with Floral Claw Clips

If you really want to make a statement with your floral claw clips, pair them with complementary clothing and accessories. Bold prints such as stripes or florals work well with floral clip designs. Wearing a dress or skirt in a similar color to your clip is another great way to pull together the entire look.

Picking Out the Right Color and Design

When it comes to selecting the right color and design for your floral claw clips, think about the overall vibe you’re trying to achieve. Do you want something feminine and delicate? Or perhaps you’d prefer something edgy and dramatic? There’s no wrong answer here – it’s all about personal preference. Also consider the length of your hair when choosing clips; shorter hair may require smaller designs while longer locks can handle larger pieces.

Care Instructions for Floral Claw Clips

Taking good care of your floral claw clips is essential for maintaining their shape and longevity. When cleaning them, always use gentle soap and water. Avoid scrubbing too hard so as not to damage the delicate embellishments. Additionally, store your clips away from direct sunlight and heat sources since prolonged exposure could cause fading and discoloration.

Matching Outfits with Floral Claw Clips

Matching outfits with floral claw clips is easy – just pick clothes in coordinating shades or fabrics! For example, if your clip has pink roses on it, wearing something light pink would help tie the whole look together. Alternatively, try pairing your clips with an outfit featuring graphic elements such as stripes or polka dots for an extra fashionable flair.

floral claw clip

Accessorizing Different Hairstyles with Floral Claw Clips

From buns and ponytails to half-up/half-down dos and braids, there are plenty of ways to incorporate floral claw clips into your everyday hairstyle routine. With shorter hair, small dainty flower clips work best as they won’t overpower the rest of the look. Longer hair allows for more experimentation – try layering several different sized clips for an interesting effect. Braids look especially stunning when paired with larger blooms in vibrant shades.

DIY Ideas for Floral Claw Clip Crafts

Have old floral claw clips lying around that need some TLC? Don’t throw them away yet – instead, get creative and crafty! Give your outdated clips new life by adding some glitter or paint for a fun twist on classic styles. Another idea is to remove the existing embellishments and replace them with different accents such as crystals or gems. Finally, you can even turn your old floral clips into jewelry pieces by attaching them to bracelets or necklaces!


In conclusion, floral claw clips are the perfect way to accessorize any hairstyle! From creating timeless looks to giving boring hairdos a much-needed boost, these statement pieces can truly elevate your style game. So why not give them a try today?

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